About Us

Meet Chris: Marine veteran. Combat decorated. JTAC. Paratrooper. Served with 1st and 4th ANGLICO. Deployed with 1st Recon. Bourbon drinker. Occasionally mustachioed.

Major Chris, BootSOC co-founder.

Meet Paul: Marine veteran. Bourbon drinker. Pretty good at Scrabble. That's... that's about it.


Point is, they both served. And that's awesome. In fact, anyone and everyone who served or currently serves is awesome in their own awesome way. No matter the era, MOS, campaign ribbons, VA disability rating, or how unlikeable you actually are as a person, you are your own variety of badass and we respect the hell out of you. What? Oh, were you expecting this to be the part where we make a crack about the always under-appreciated Coast Guard? Well, when's the last time somebody from your branch punched a frickin' submarine? Yeah, that's what I thought. Everybody = badass.

And that's what we're all about. It's why Chris and . . . um . . . the other guy (Pete?) founded this company. To create and sell the kind of duds and doodads that any and all vets would be proud to sport, be they the FN-est of FNG's or the razor-sharpest of spear-tippers. And we believe, in one way or another we are all boots and we are all special operations capable.

We are all BootSOC.